Torre Europa, Madrid 2014

One of my favorite skyscraper in Madrid at the Castellana, in front of the Bernabeu / Real Madrid. The balconies looks like elevators. Did some snapshots some days ago.

“The Torre Europa is a skyscraper built by Necso in the AZCA complex in Madrid, Spain. It is 121 metres (397 ft) high and has 30 floors. Completed in 1985, it was designed by Miguel Oriol e Ybarra and built by Necso.” Wikipedia.

Torre_Europa_022 Torre_Europa_023 Torre_Europa_001 Torre_Europa_002 Torre_Europa_003 Torre_Europa_004 Torre_Europa_005 Torre_Europa_006 Torre_Europa_007 Torre_Europa_008 Torre_Europa_009 Torre_Europa_010 Torre_Europa_011 Torre_Europa_012 Torre_Europa_013 Torre_Europa_014 Torre_Europa_015 Torre_Europa_016 Torre_Europa_017 Torre_Europa_018 Torre_Europa_019 Torre_Europa_020 Torre_Europa_021

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