Afe Tower

Just 16 years ago 1998 I took a shot of this “brutalist” university tower in Frankfort. I was impressed of the massive structure, a visionary skyscraper for science and culture and a symbol for a democratic educational formation in the 1970’s till 2013. During my studies in the 90’s I spent a lot of time  in this little city tower: seminars, workshops, studies, libraries, lessons and most of the time hanging around in the cafeteria, a place for discussions, unions and free spirit. Yesterday I took the last shots before the demolition by explosion – “the biggest building demolition in …

St. Ignatius church, francfort

Today I passed by with my little camera and did some snap shots of the master piece of Gottfried Böhm’s church in Frankfurt a.M., in a really tiny street – Gärtner Weg – very difficult to get the whole building. Architect: Gottfried Böhm, Francfort, 1963-1964